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Plumbers, Steamfitters & Service Mechanics
October 19, 2017

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Another Christmas Carol Story
Updated On: Jun 21, 2017

Another Christmas Carol Story

Scrooge – Douglas Co. & Eyde Co.


In 1971 the Fiberglass Tower opened for business. At the time it was emblematic of a new design and rose above the Toledo Skyline redefining it forever. It was built by local Building and Construction Trades workers. Fellow citizens and neighbors.

In 1996 Owens Corning moved out of the Tower to its new headquarters and the Tower has stood vacant ever since. The Eyde Co has owned it since 1998.

2014 & 2015 UA Local 50 Plumbers, Steamfitters and Service Mechanics and other union members donate time and material to reopen the City Pools.


20 years since purchasing the Tower, plans are moving forward to renovate and turn it into a mixed use development of residential, retail and commercial spaces.

Douglas Co. has been hired by the Eyde Co. to complete Phase 1 of renovations turning the top 10 floors into 80 apartment units. According to an article in the Blade 10-7-2016, “Phase 1 of the renovation will cost about $30 million. Eyde secured nearly $10 million in historic tax credits from the state.”

Douglas Co has hired Jermor Plumbing, a Detroit Contractor with a Detroit workforce to complete the plumbing renovations. Initially Jermor failed to obtain the proper permits and had unlicensed workers on the project. Jermor was fined $5000 and signed up 5 workers with temporary licenses. The workers must sit for the test in March of 2017.

The contract did not go to a Local Union Contractor who employs your friends and neighbors, because of a $150,000 difference in the bid on a $2,000,000 plumbing budget. Now the taxes and wages are lost to Metropolitan Toledo.

Hero – You!!


You have the power to help Scrooge (i.e. Douglas Co. and Eyde Co) see the error of their ways by demanding that they work to ensure that State of Ohio Tax Credits benefit this region and the development dollars spent in this community directly benefit its citizens.

Did you realize wages and benefits paid to workers in the community turn over 7 times in local restaurants, theaters and businesses, while dollars paid to out of state contractors and workers leave with them?

You are the better angels in this production and have the ability to fix this situation. We appeal to you to take matters into your own hands. Please take the time to help your neighbors and friends reclaim the work, wages and construction dollars being sent out of state.

Call Douglas Co. (419) 865-8600 and Eyde Co. (517) 351-2480 to make sure they hear how important it is for the standards and wages in this community to be maintained and upheld!!

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