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Due to high demand, “Ask the Attorney” office hours will be expanded.  “Ask the Attorney” will now be held before each Union Meeting (unless otherwise notified).  However, members must make an appointment.  Please contact the Finance Office (419-662-5456 Ext: 110) to schedule a fifteen-minute session.  If you have an urgent legal matter, such as a personal injury or an upcoming court date; please call 419-450-5510 and leave your name, number, and a brief message.

Is your drug screening info up to date?

Contact Nancy at 419-662-5456 ext 134 to find out if you are up to date

Fidelity Information

During this challenging time, while in person interactions are currently limited as a result of the country’s current health crisis, Fidelity is available to conduct interactions and appointments virtually via phone or on-line tools such as Zoom.

Register for a by-phone/video consultation online at https:/

Or call 1-800-642-7131. Please tell them that you are a Local 50 participant, Plan number 86716.

Omar Jackson 1-248-310-8368

You Don't Have to Work Behind a Double Gate!!

Good Union Members Respect Picket Lines & Informational Handbill Situations!

A good union member is extremely careful when confronted with a picket line or handbill situation.  When a picket line is established on a job where he/she is working:

  1. The member does not talk.
  2. The member reads the picket sign or handbill as he/she leaves.
  3. The member does not hang around near the job.
  4. The member knows once a picket line is established, the business agents or union officials are legally gagged and handcuffed from giving advice pertaining to that job. They can only tell the member if the picket line or handbill is authorized.
  5. The member does not allow him or herself to be drawn into conversations with anyone at the jobsite.

A Good Union Member Knows His/Her Rights

  1. The member has the right not to work behind any picket line or handbill situation.
  2. The member has the right to decide whether or not to walk off a job in these situations.
  3. The member understands that their trade could be under attack next.
  4. The member knows that a 2 gate system means a picket line and the member has the right not to work, no matter how many gates the employer sets up.

Which Side Are You On?

Picketing has been described by the Supreme Court as “the working man’s means of communication.” A picket is a message to you that some of your fellow workers are engaged in a labor dispute and need your help. It is your constitutional right as an American citizen to decide how you will respond to the picket.  Under the law, your union cannot help you make that decision. You can seek guidance only from your conscience and then decide…

“Which Side Am I On?”


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