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For more information contact any one below. All inquiries will be held strictly confidential, and will not obligate you to join any Union. The Union is interested in organizing all Qualified Contractors and Workers.

UA Local 50
Business ManagerRick Salisbury
Financial Secretary/Treasurer: Eric Osborn
Business Agents: Bill Floss, Mike Short, Chad Bolander
Market Recovery Specialist: Robert Voight
Paul Cordell
7570 Caple Blvd., Northwood, OH 43619
Toll Free: 888-562-2550
or 888-LOCAL50

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Over 100 signatory contractors that work in Northwest Ohio.

Over 300 UA Locals in the United States and Canada to work from if work is slow in this area or you want to move to another area of the country.

Continued up-graded training with our school and contractors.

Someone to represent you in dealing with an employer and a place to go if you want to leave a particular contractor, or want to work in some other phase of the piping industry. We cover Plumbing, Pipefitting, Refrigeration, Heating, Air Conditioning, and Instrumentation.

There is room for advancement into foreman and supervisory positions. If the opportunity is not available at the current employer, you can move to one that does have those positions.


Comprehensive Hospital and Medical Benefits – Effective Jan. 1, 2019

*80/20 Basic Medical Coverage (plan covered doctors and hospitals)

*Deductible per eligible person per calendar year——–$400

*Maximum deductible per family per calendar year——$1,200

*Maximum co-payment per person per calendar year—-$1,500

*Maximum co-payment per family per calendar year—-$3,000

Eligibility requires 135 hours of work hours to qualify. A reserve bank is established with surplus hours building up to a maximum of 1 year.

Prescription Benefit

The Trustees have retained Optum Rx to administer your prescription benefit program. In addition to a new prescription benefit manager, a three tier co-payment will be implemented, as follows:

Co-payment Per Prescription Retail
(up to a 34 day supply)
Mail Order
(up to a 90 day supply)
Generic Drug $10 $20
Preferred Drug $35 $70
Non-Preferred Drug $70 $140

***** Supplemental Reserve Account *****
(Health Reimbursement Account)

$1.50 an hour is contributed – approximately $2,600 is contributed annually
Money is non-taxable and can be used to make co-pay or self-payment

Dental Coverage: Delta Dental
Eye Coverage:  EyeMed

Preventive Health Benefit Plan – Physicals

100% covered and not subject to annual deductibles or lifetime maximum

Annual Visits – Follows Affordable Care Act Guidelines

Death Benefit

Active Member           — $2,000 from Health & Welfare fund

$3,000 from Local 50

up to $2,500 from UA based on years of service

Retirees            — $1,000

Loss of time benefit: Active Member — $450.00 for maximum of 26 weeks


$6.91 per hour employer contribution

  1. Tax sheltered
  2. Professional investment
  3. 5 year vesting
  4. Early retirement with vesting
  5. Disability benefits (monthly)
  6. Insured under Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp.
  7. Upon retirement, benefit provided monthly for life
  8. Beneficiary benefit (depending on your prior selection)
  9. Past vesting credit (years only – not monetary, and only employees doing bargaining unit work at the time your contractor becomes a contributing employer)


$1.65 per hour employer contribution

  1. Tax sheltered
  2. Professional investment
  3. 5 year vesting (up to 5 years past service credit will be granted after 1 year of future service credit if your contractor becomes a contributing employer – including monetary)
  4. Early retirement
  5. Upon retirement, benefit provided monthly for life
  6. Beneficiary benefit (depending on your prior selection)

Full benefits payable at age 62

$5.35 per hour minimum employer contribution (maximum $8.85)

  1. Tax sheltered
  2. Immediate vesting
  3. Individual account
  4. Professional investment
  5. Choice of amounts in stocks (equities) and bonds (fixed instruments) within guidelines
  6. Upon retirement, benefit can be withdrawn in monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, yearly, or lump sum payments.
  7. Early retirement
  8. Beneficiary, pay-out
Retirement Fund160 hours at $5.35 = $856.00 — 1 month
$856.00 x 12 months = $10,272.00 — 1 year
$10,272 x 10 years = $102,720
$10,272 x 20 years = $205,440
$10,272 x 30 years = $308,160***** THESE CALCULATIONS DO NOT INCLUDE INTEREST *****FIDELITY

The safety of an employee is important to Local 50 and our contractors.

OSHA training is given to all our apprentices and to our journeymen members to keep them updated.

The priority is to leave the jobsite in as good a condition as when you came to work.

Jobsite safety is part of our normal day, not an extra.

Our wages set the standards for the industry.

We, by our collective efforts, provide our members a comfortable living wage as a base rate.

To that base rate we add Health coverage and Retirement benefits for our members and their families.

Giving comfort in the fact that you are providing care for yourself now and in the future.

If you do not have industry standard wages, they are available to you.

Why a Contract?


The contract (or agreement) is the signed document between the employer and your local union which describes the terms and conditions of employment, such as the following:

WAGES:  Fair rates of pay for every employee and automatic wage increases.

HOURS: Length of workday, rest periods, holidays, etc.

CONDITIONS:  Job security, safety and health, personal rights and treatment.

BENEFITS: Company paid health insurance, hospitalization, pensions, retirement, etc.

Among its most important features is an orderly system for settling disputes between employees and the employer. This is called a “grievance procedure” and requires both sides to go through successively higher steps to find a satisfactory solution to an employee’s problem.

Under a written contract, no one has to guess their rights or to seek individual favors from the boss.  All things are spelled out for everyone to see and understand.

The term “collective bargaining” or “negotiations” refers to the meetings between the company and your union committee which are for the purpose of talking over the requests of the members and/or the employer.  The process implies that both sides must “give and take” fairly until a “bargain” or “agreement” is reached:

The law requires the company to meet in good faith with the certified union and the committee of workers.

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