Jan 2020

From Paula: I was so disappointed to hear that the crowd for January’s luncheon was small.  Hopefully everyone is feeling better and ready for some more luncheons.  February 19 will be a luncheon at the hall with Chicken Paprikash provided by one of our cooks.  Please bring a dish to share.  March 18 is at the hall again with our jigs dinner provided.  Please bring a dish to share.  April 15 will be at Granite City, 2300 Village Dr. #130, Maumee (Fallen Timbers).  May 20 is at the Black Forest Cafe, 3624 Seamon Rd., Oregon.  All our luncheons are at 11:30 and are open to ALL retirees and their guests.  Come enjoy the company and some good food and maybe you will even meet new friends!